AIC (Ateneo Innovation Center) Technologies for Engineering Climate and Disaster Resilience


Solar-powered Clean Water Systems

More than 140 units of the Ateneo Clean Water System (ACWS) were deployed to remote and disaster-stricken areas in the Philippines.


Hydroponics is a method of farming without soil using an inert growing media and adding nutrients solution into the water.

Near/Edu Cloud

Low-cost, accessible, and adaptable remote learning platform.

UAV and Disaster Resilient Communications

Resilient communications through Android Fash Light Message (AndFlMsg).


A prototype of a low-cost phototherapy light system.



Launched on 24 January 2018 at the Eduardo J Aboitiz Sandbox in Arete, the exhibit focuses on issues of understanding risk and its components, relief and recovery in the Philippines, and ways forward to achieving resilience. The exhibit is part of the Sandbox Residency Program of Arete, a collaboration and exhibit space for faculty and programs of the university.

SAGIPDisaster Resilience Technologies

Innovative technology that is practical and mindful of context-specific concerns is needed for disaster resiliency. When resources are meager and the situation is far from ideal, makeshift interventions through innovative technology are lifesaving. The Ateneo Innovation Center’s (AIC) efforts are oriented towards this end. SAGIP walks you through how AIC’s technologies help bridge the gap between basic needs and the constraints brought about by disaster situations.

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