APSA 2020 in Réseau International de Sociologie Clinique


October 19, 2020

The Asia Pacific Sociological Association 2020 Manila Two-day Webinar on COVID-19, Climate, and Health, co-hosted by CCARPH, was featured by the International Network of Clinical Sociology / RISC – Réseau International de sociologie Clinique. Read: “Contributions of clinical sociologists to the two-day Webinar on Covid-19, Climate, and Health in October 2020” on the RISC website: sociologie-clinique.org

Watch the playback of APSA 2020 Two-day Webinar at the following links:
– Day 1: COVID-19 Impacts on Health and Society
– Day 2: Climate, COVID-19, and the City: Challenges to Recovery and Resilience

For more information, visit facebook.com/APSA2020Manila

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