AIC Develops a Recipe for Yummy Coconut Yogurt – Get the Benefits of Probiotics in a Lactose Free Yogurt and the Anti-Viral Properties of Coconut Oil


June 1, 2020

By: Dr. Gregory Tangonan (AIC, Research Director)

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Four coconuts give about 1.25 liters of milk. We simmer and stir the coconut milk for ten minutes. Cool it down to room temp. Then we open a probiotic pill (Jarro EPS) with 8 strains of good bacteria and 5 billion count. Let it sit in kitchen temperature for 6 hours or so. Then put in clean bottles and refrigerate. 

Step by step process of the coco yogurt recipe | Photos from: Dr. Gregory Tangonan

The simmering gets rid of the native bacteria, like a kefir making process, and the probiotic gives us a great ‘starter’. The yogurt can be your starter for a next batch. The probiotic pill simplifies the process a lot, and gives us a reproducible product. Also, we get the natural sweetness of coconut in the yogurt from simmering. Been doing this for about two years in AIC and at home. Fun part is when students make fruit smoothies with the yogurt, perfectly timed for research reporting.

Coco yogurt paired with bread | Photo from: Dr. Gregory Tangonan

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Dr. Fabian Dayrit (CCARPH Advisor; ICP President; NAST Academician) has been studying the antiviral properties of virgin coconut oil for several years and his proposal to use VCO as a treatment candidate against the COVID-19 virus was recently approved by the DOST for clinical studies. Dr. Dayrit also recommended that the general public consider taking virgin coconut oil as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 virus. According to Dr. Tangonan, this coco yogurt can be an alternative to drinking coconut oil straight. 

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